About Me

I am from Waterloo, Ontario, and attended the University of Waterloo, where I had enrolled to get a B.Sc. in Nanotechnology Engineering. After a year and a half my interests changed, and I switched majors to Physics. I graduated with a B.Sc. majoring in Physics, with a minor in Philosophy. During my fourth year at Waterloo, I held a research
600748_10151457142131309_1911579690_nassistantship with Professor Marek Stastna, performing numerical studies of confined Rayleigh-Taylor instability development with the Applied Mathematics Fluid Dynamics group. More along the lines of my current interests, I also spent time as an RA for Professor Doreen Fraser, working on the role and status of analogies between theories of superconductivity and the Higgs mechanism. Specifically, we were interested in the role of spontaneous symmetry breaking in both cases.

Adam 060

I graduated from Waterloo in 2014, and started a M.A. in Philosophy at Western University the same year. I am finishing up a research project on the essential context-dependence of ‘physical’—rather than simply formal—symmetries in models in physics, supervised by Professor Robert DiSalle. I am currently working on my PhD, titled “Theory construction in high energy physics,” supervised by Wayne Myrvold. At Western, I am a member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, and have been involved in organizing the annual Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, and Physics graduate student conference. I have been part of research projects with Markus Müller—on information theoretic reconstructions of quantum theory—and Chris Smeenk—on the cosmological constant problem in the philosophy of cosmology.